About Us

Who we are

Afro Alpha Limited is a leading private investigation company based in Nairobi, specialized in Brand protection, Fraud and other investigation services in Africa, mainly for corporate and institutional clients.

Our well-trained, highly-experienced investigators provide our clients with discrete, confidential and result-oriented investigative services, using the most innovative, penetrating technology available. We always strive for valuable, reliable and sustainable results.
Over the years we have established a proven track record in managing investigations and operations for clients across all major industries, resulting in thousands of seizures and hundreds of successful fraud investigations.






Integrity and honesty represent the foundations of our company and of all our doings.
We offer 100% discretion – 100% transparency: no talk about clients, all the talk with clients. Always.
We are accountable for our behavior and decisions. We say what we mean, we do what we say. We take ownership and work. We focus. We deliver with quality and on Time.



Our Code of Conduct provides us with behavioral and ethical guidelines for appropriate professional and fair conduct in all our doings. This includes, among others:

  • Responsibility to comply with laws and regulations
  • No room for bribery or corruption for all stakeholders – from principals to staff to partners to clients
  • No tolerance for disclosing classified information
  • Financial integrity and fiscal responsibility


Our client base includes domestic and international market leaders across a wide range of industries. Some examples:

      • Agricultural Chemicals

      • Agriculture

      • Alcohol Beverages

      • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

      • Industrial Gas

      • Microfinance

      • Motorcycles

      • Pharmaceuticals

      • Plastic Recycling

      • Vertical Mobility Solutions

      • Water Energy

    We are also proud service partners of several NGOs, NPOs as well as sub-groups of supernatural organizations.


    Our background is investigation, intelligence, human resources and financial industry, combining well over 40 years of relevant work experience in total.

    Our professionals are members of the world’s most renowned associations in the areas of compliance and fraud and are bound to universal international standards.


    Our team consists of professionals from various cultural backgrounds, working from both our base in Nairobi as well as elsewhere in Africa, Asia and Europe.
    Our professionals are from both genders and from different beliefs.